My group is known as T.O.S. Paranormal out of opelika and auburn Al.

by connie
(opelika al.)

We had a total of 5 investigators with us that night we went to a very small graveyard known as ELI lights out there in the middle of no where has a fence around the graves maybe 25 to 3o there and thats pushing it.Was doing alittle training that night on some of my younger investigators...a very close indian friend had asked me a very long time ago please do not disturb the indian resting places...he said one thing its disrespectful and that indians put curses and watchers over their graves and and he was i never have ...the old histiry of this gravveyard is the strouds were having some fights with each other one day Mr.Stroud went hunting when he came back he had 8 children they were being scalped and beheaded and raped he hid in a hollow log till it was over.i know my friends neither would have i sat in a hollow log and heard that and sat still but so be it ...guess he had not been in our age of just sure fire kick someones a--.He rebuilt his home and family what happened that night will never forget....i had 5 people who all saw this and 40 plus yrs to me. as i was coming out of thr
e graveyard i saw a huge white wolf walk from behind the car looking dead at me with his head down but eyes looking up..i told my investigator stand behind me we will step side step slow one at a time...never my friends i have raised animals all my life all and NEVER have i seen a dog wolf step side step with the mirror step of mine ....finally got in the car and breathed for the first time...during this too it soundes like the HE_MAN was coming through the woods straight at us....sat in the car had head lights on the dog would walk a few steps turn look at me then turn take a few steps and look back and the thrid time he turned turned back to us and in a mist just disappeared.....really didnt write this to get you to believe one way or the other will not keep me up at night...i know what i saw and will not spend anytime to try to get you to truely was a sight to behold and the gaurdian i saw was unreal...then i read alittle while later that MR. Stroud kept a white wolf that the chief had given him...sent chills up my this stuff love it I will take people out call 3347599003 ask for connie heres to safe and respectful hunting'

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