My Grandfathers rocking chair.

by Robert Bernandino
(Calamba laguna philippines)

September 29, 2011. My Brother and i go at our Ancestral house. It was huge, old, but it was renovated recently last july. The ancestral house looks like a big wide with grayish texture on the walls, the walls are made from chopped woods and the back part was made of pure stone. The door is big, made from woods with white paint, the front yard has a gate that a car doesn't fit on it. So my Brother's car parked outside. The backyard is a cemetery where housekeepers in generations are buried there. We decided to stay because its our sembreak. But its my first time to go a place where an ancestral-modern looking house is located at the woods. At the morning, fresh air, morning dew, and a rooster giving a wake up call. We fished, hunt something for dinner. Later at night the caretaker and my auntie and my brother gathered for dinner. It was very early, my auntie warned me not to stay long at night because she knew I'm afraid of owls, howls of wolf, and grasping trees. Late at night I can't sleep because my brother gave me an energy drink, we drink it so we can play diablo 2 at night. As we play late at night. I hear a "Faint moan" Like a old man or a sick person that having tuberculosis begging for attention. But my brother brought speakers as he plays screamo songs. But that event repeats, now as we hear a lady talking and like arguing in russian language. My Brother yelled, " My auntie ain't russian, My mama ain't russian, Me ain't russian neither." But the lady stopped. Yelled like she was stabbed with heavy knife or an axe. Then after a bit of faint sound. A grinning old man yelling. Scratching our door. My Brother is scared. He opened the door, and what we see is a rocking chair, full of limbs and blood. My brother calls my auntie, but as soon as we get there, the blood, the limbs, are gone. My auntie told us that our grandfather can't helped about the estate problem. The lady with russian language wants to buy the house. But our grandfather doesn't want to sell it. Then our auntie slept with us. My brother and me didn't sleep. We watch the shadows under the door. Later in the morning my brother decided to go back to the town. My auntie apologize us because of the huntings, but she said that the care taker died, and having missing limbs.

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