my first orib the last thing i needed to see.

by frank

I have taken thousands of pictures before and never thinking of oribs or spirits and ghosts and goblins, I just took pictures the way normale people do not asking for anything, but lets see how this one turns out.and too your surprise you get what looks like a areo bar picture! so you say dumb fluke.sorry its not! someone ment for you to see that ! it was a message. I will bet anyone of you who took the picture,at that time had a major,emotionial,familly event or crisis that was buried or up front that questioned the sanity of mankind. this picture was taken at the ,,, whatever,.. born again Christian retreat or resort in breadton, Sarasota florida, which I was there for the first time. 4 pictures before and 4 after had no oribs but one.i put what was happening to me at that time and the people around me and came up with the only explanation possible. THIS IS REAL> PUT THE STORY TOGETHER> YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING>these are spirits!!! its real, and this is what happens. O my story,,, well its off the wall you wouldnt believe it. somethings are ment to be left alone,especially when you have been taken out of your body, seconds before being run over by car... go figure!

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