My father is my angel...

by Crystal Crujido
(Huntington Beach Ca USA )

I have been getting this odd smell that most times is so strong it wakes me up in the middle of the night , usually between 3am and 4 am but sometimes I can smell it while awake. Recently while sleeping I was awoken by the scent and decided to grab my cell phone to snap a pic to see if anything showed up . I snapped some pictures and didn't notice anything but the following day while Looking through my pics I noticed one of the pics I snapped on that evening actually had an orb ! A few weeks later on my daughters birthday party , as it was present time with a group of young teen girls gathered around , I took a picture and sure enough there was a huge bright streak (an orb) , I've read that you can zoom in on orb pics and actually see a figure . I zoomed in on the pic and what would you know , my fathers face is as plain as day and also I can see his right arm and hand .... He showed up for my daughters birthday party at present time , that was his gift to me as well as saying happy birthday to his grand daughter ! I believe my father is my angel :)))

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