My Faceless Ghost Experience

by Kelli Tabaka

My ghost story starts with my husband and I getting into a motorcycle accident, sometime after that my husband and I went to bed, my husband still unable to sleep in the bed he was in the living room sleeping in the recliner and my daughter was in her room and I in our bedroom. We had been a sleep for about 2 hours when I felt what I thought was my daughter touching my hand but, I opened my eyes to see this white, caped, faceless mist holding my hand and standing over me. I layed there totally alarmed by what I was seeing. The mist waved the hand that was holding mine like as if to say goodbye or what I took as everything will be alright. I felt comfortable but at the same time freaked out. I closed my eyes and rubbed them and told myself to wake up when I opened my eyes there was this swirling white cloud like thing above my bed almost looked like I was looking up inside a tornado or something. I got up out of bed and went into the living room where my husband was. He asked what was the matter and I told him what had happened... I didn't go back in there the rest the night I slept on the couch.

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