My Experiences at Coonhill Cemetery in Florida

by Jolly
(Milton, Florida, United States)

When people go to cemeteries and exspect to see ghosts, sorry doesn't work that way.

If they the ghosts want you know they are there then they will appear to you....

Coonhill Cemetery is a very haunted place because of young teenagers and young adults in there lack of respect of the dead resting in the cemetery, and vandalizing the place multiple times.

I will not name the town the cemetery nor how to get there cause you can find it online now. I personally believe this place should stay a local only place, and my reasoning is because of the fort walton beach paranormal lack of respect to cemetery also. Now for the introduction of the place.


Coonhill is a local cemetery surrounded by folklore in this area of florida. Since high school I have heard of stories of the cemetery, people telling how they got knocked of the wall, seeing shadowy figures in the woods, shades of white clouds floating through the air.

First time to coonhill was one evening a group of friends and I decide to go out there. We pulled up to the gate and walked into the cemetery my friends and I were shocked at the disrespect.

Headstones were broken, the cemetery trashed, a statue destroyed, couple marble slabs broken into pieces. My friends and I tried to lift the headstones to stand upright, we pick up as much as trash we could, but the heavier headstones we couldn't lift we let be.

The cemetery to me felt peace on earth as I watch the sunset through the woods was beautiful, not scary nor malevolent like people said.


One night friends and I went to coonhill again. It was a full moon and the moon is high. That night I see this low laying fog in the cemetery and after being there for 20 minutes I heard the little girl singing coming from the woods.

Some of my friends were on the out of the cemetery, one of my friends ask me if I was ok, I told her to get everyone into the cemetery cause I started to get a very bad feeling of dread, and I felt something watching us from the woods. So did my friend Steph that night.


My girlfriend, myself, Steph, and her boyfriend went out there one night and the moon was half or quarter empty. My girlfriend and steph seen a black shadow figure running along the north wall on the outside. I heard something running from that direction and finally I seen it, the figure, it was a black blur running back and forth.

Then I heard something big flying to the woods and. Heard the wings flap once. I didn't see the creature but my girlfriend did and she said, "Baby let's go I have a bad feeling...".

As we were walking back to the truck steph look over her shoulder and seen what my girlfriend said she seen in the woods. The creature is said to have bat like wings, stand 7 to 8 feet tall, hoofed feet, human body, antlers, and deep red glowing eyes. That's what my
girlfriend told me later that night of the description of the creature.

Basically the creature is the Florida verison of the Jersey Devil. I never told anyone of the creature or what my girlfriend told me that night when we were alone. Some friends told me there experiences of haunted things in santa rosa, and that's when I put two and two together. Other people have seen this creature.


A large group of us decide to go out there on a full moon night. We all parked the cars at the gate at the beginning of the dirt road. We walked the dirt road, but I kept hearing movement in the woods and seen shadows move. We finally got to the cemetery before we all walked in through the gates at the cemetery. In the woods I seen to the northeast a tall dark furry figure with red glowing eyes and ponited ears, and moving from tree to tree keeping to the shadows.

My friend was showing her teenager daughter some of the older headstones in the cemetery. Finally, we all decide to leave cause we all started get a bad feeling.

Before I could get to the gate, I felt great power of dread and malevolent, felt like someone dropkick me in the chest plus a tinkling feeling going up my spine and jaw, my jaw clutch shut, and I couldn't talk while I was on one knee from the power. Two of my friends walked over and asked if was ok, but I couldn't reply to them, finally I said after getting back up, "we gotta go now!". When we got back to the cars we all heard several loud howling coming from the woods next the dirt road. We left with extreme haste.


I been to coonhill too many times to count, some good and some bad experiences, but thing is I feel safer inside the cemetery than walking to and from the cemetery. I have heard and seen weird things, like the lady in white/gray that haunts coonhill road. Lady in white/gray is usually a lady in a white or gray dress and long white hair and beautiful.

I seen her actually on the pave road and when she came towards me, I felt warm and fuzzy and safe when she wrapped herself around me, that's the best way I can explain it. The werewolves that live out there, dark or black furry and red glowing eyes, they mostly stay in the woods and in the shadows of the trees.

There are three demonic ones I heard of from several people, and they are the size of very large wolves. The little girl singing I felt her presence several times and heard her. I have seen and talk to the watcher of the cemetery, the watcher is basically the spirit that protects the cemetery and keeps the buried people spirits inside the cemetery and evil beings out.

Personally coonhill cemetery is the most peaceful place on earth I ever been to. And please respect the dead and don't walk on graves, don't trash cemeteries nor party nor destroy them its highly disrespectful...

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Dec 11, 2012
werewolfs NEW
by: jullianmaldonado

lol hey gess what to night happend inmilton cant say were in milton but i can tell u this tonight is one of the 3 fullmoons out and to night i whent out to see if i could do anything and found out in milron almost every one is a werewolf and 2 i know this cause i have a tracing systim and it tells me >male >female>lbs>ht>and skin well thats what happend and it was fun got to se alot of trees on the grownd i even asked if i can be one of them but they didnt speek nor talk to me other then that itbwas alsome and if ur a werewolf somewere out there look me up on face book >jullian maldonado i live in milton FL and whant frends that ur werewolfs that cant trun back into human see ya later and thx shela for leting people post stuff on here byby

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