My Experience

by Jaybug's true stories
(Columbus, OH and Jackson, OH)

We were taking a field trip to the Kelton House. My 4th grade class class and I were on the bus and out of nowhere, (we were just pulling in to the kelton house) the bus stops because the driver thought he saw something. I was immediately interested since I have a huge interest in horror. I kind of thought that a ghost could be the possibility. so we got inside and were looking and taking pictures when me and only 3 other kids heard a disturbing sound. it kind of sounded like someone saying "come on, follow me." so I asked one of the instructors if we could move on in the direction I heard it. we did but before we did my friend was taking a picture, and the table across the room. I did some research and found some interesting facts on this site. I would suggest using it. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY STORY!

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