by komal preet samadhar

This is how it starts:

My name is KomalPreet and i am 16 years old.I once lived in a place called Penang in Malaysia.It is a really cool place having the best known beaches in the whole of Malaysia.BATU FIRANGI is one of the most famous beaches of all.Me and my family lived in KUALA LUMPUR at first but when i turned 8 than my dad got posted to Penang so,unluckily we had to shift there.At first it was really exciting and fun when we reached there.Meeting new friends was really fun.My mom also found some new friends nearby to chit-chat as u know women and their talking buiseness.And my sweet little dad din't need any friends because he had to work till 10 at night.And then on 10th of April i met this girl for the first time on the BATU FIRANGI beach.Her name was kyla xavier she was also 8 years old .She lived with her dad who owned a small grocery store nearby.She din't have a mom her mom "gave up her life" imediately after her delivery.Sbodyo her father took her away from America and settled down in Malaysia.Time went by and she became my best friend .She had sopped by my house many times to come and meet me and she would and play with me the whole day she even had breakfast many a times with me.Her house was about 25 blocks away from mine but we used to catch up on the beach and have picnics and all that stuff.And then after a good old time of about 2 years my dad and mom decided to put me in a boardind school in India.But life was going on great and i din't expect our frienship to end this way.But as all of us know good time doesn't stay for long so,finally i had to leave.Before leaving i met my best friend one last time on the beach and hugged her tight and kissed her "good bye".But i dont know why i had this strange feeling that i would not
see her again and i talked about this to my mom a few times but nothing seemed to change.So there we were holding our luggage in our hands and walking towards the aeroplane.In about what seemed to be a long 7 hour journey we reached the INDIRA GANDHI Airport in New Dehli.We spent about 2 years in india then my parents decided to go for a vacation back to my home in penang."AND THERE WE WERE STANDING RIGHT INFRONT OF OUR SO CALLED DISASTROUS HOUSE WHICH I DIN'T LIKE AT ALL. WITH OUR LUGGAGE".So we were resting for atleast one day after we reached.And while sitting at home I was "DYING"to meet my best friend again.And there I was on the beach again after a 5 minute cycle ride and there she was sitting at the end with her hair wet and the same swimmimg suit i saw her wear 4 years ago.I met her with a great energetic hug and a kiss on her cheek she din't seem so happy to meet me but it was. after spending the whole evening with her it was time to go back home.So while going back home I stopped by the grocery and met her dad with a hug all of a sudden he started sobbing in my little body and i asked him what the matter was.And in "GOD'S" name what i heard in return was kayla died 2 years ago
my child. I was HORRIFIED!.But when i told uncle that i had just met her about 4 hours ago and that i was playing with her all of sudden uncle put his fat finger on my lips and hushed me down than in a smile said "IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT SHE CAME BACK".At that moment I just wished if the ground could just swallow me I wanted to scream,I wanted to shout,I wanted to cry but could not do anything so I just rushed back home. Till today no one knows about it not even my parents."ITS JUST ME AND MY LITTLE SECRET".

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