Mt. Zion cemetary Henryville, In

by Tanya
(Henryville, In)

I went with a group of people to go Ghost hunting and they had read on another site to go to this Cemetary. They heard that you would see a green glowing lady, we all doubted that there would be a glowing green ghost and we got there we turned off our car and lights and waited for about 15 minutes. Nothing happened, but when we got ready to leave we noticed under the street light that there were child size hand prints (4yr old size) all over the windows and sides of the car some sideways and even some upside down as if someone were on top of the car. I doubt the ghost was an adult like the story said I never checked to see if there were any children buried there or not but it's worth checking into. I also hear there is a haunted auction barn somewhere near the area as well.

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Aug 20, 2013
Believer NEW
by: Johnny

Me and a goup of myy friends went there last nnight. we didnt see anything but a picture taken at the sign of the cemetery when we were leaving revealed a huge green orb and our emf sound translator came up with the word "Success". needles to say we were a believer.

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