Mt. Sterling Ky. Just call me scared!!!

by Just call me scared !!!
(Mt. Sterling Ky. 40353)

I am a single woman that lives alone with two little dogs forgive me I am really good at run on sentences. SO I Bought my home in 2013. the first time I heard anything when I was by myself and it was dusk outside and the house was being heated by a salamander my home was under construction at the time with being gutted and refurbished. I worked on my home alone at times. So one evening after work I drove over to my home went in and started working. I felt scared for no reason like someone was going to hurt me and I looked all around me no one was there then I looked down the hall this horrible sound like someone in steel toed boots came rushing toward me stomping loudly letting me know they did not want me there. so I hurried and turned everything off and left quickly. I came back the next day still afraid started back to work on the house. Everyone came over to start working nothing happened. Then one day I was talking to a young man that needed supplies for his own home. I was trying to get rid of things that I didn't want instead of paying a large dump bill I asked him if he wanted this stuff. He said yes he then came over and started taking down everything he needed and I was so glad. When he was finished I helped him load his truck as we were talking outside in the front yard then I heard a voice that said ( He's exactly right) so I acted like I didn't hear anything then I pretended to rub my face and look over my right shoulder no one was there so I tried not to act like I was afraid. Hoping this young man heard this voice yet he didn't say anything. Me thinking to myself I must be loosing my mind!!!! Went home that night laying in my bed thinking to myself what do I do( HOW CAN I RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM !!!) Time has passed and pictures fly off the walls lay face up no breakage. My puppies act funny and just stare into space, running the vac. I felt someone touch my arm like they were trying to tell me something and I couldn't see a thing so I went off started yelling to stop scaring me, I got my broom started sweeping out the house all the way outside down the drive way out into the street. I put anointed stones at all four corners of my home. Now things are happening that I would be locked up for if I told Like waking up to my body levitating off the bed feeling my head drop. Hearing people talking plainly so I keep my eyes shut and just listen to the conversation. Like repeating things I would say. I heard a woman say well that is how she said her mother died or she is having trouble like they were concerned on what to do. I feel like I have six people in my home that I don't see men and women. Now the conversations have stopped. Knowing someone is watching me that I get so cold that I feel like I am freezing to death. Feeling electric tinges on my body like I am being touched in a sexual manner. Laying in my bed or on my side and feeling things that only a husband should do with his wife.

Crazy as hell !!
Well along with my story now I can't even go into my bedroom. I don't want to die from this !!! I sleep on my couch and it comes into the living room I pretend like it isn't there. So not working!!! I feel so tired when I wake up that I am lethargic and feel I have no energy to do anything or desire to go out of the house. I know I sound like some nut job that needs to be in a padded room. Truth is everyone is a little crazy or none of us could survive right. Well today I am ending this story begging for help. I am going to a store to pick up night cameras to place in my home to see visually for myself and a man of God to watch for himself so someone will believe me and help me stop this madness. I pray someone will read this.

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