Mt airy N.C

by kaven bonilla
(mt airy nc)

Me and my family moved into a house in Walkertown N.C it was on old hollow RD.I was 12 at the time.. 2 days after we moved in our water just stopped working after we never had water.This home was a older home the key to that house was skeletal key that's how old this home was .Anyway Me and my mom and my 3 brother's and my sister was watching TV and all of a sudden we heard somebody knocking on the back door my mom thought it was my dad so she opened the back door and it was nobody there right after that my dad drives up.Well the next day I was sitting in the Livingroom doing my homework and I heard somebody upstairs walking with heavy booths on so I got up and got a broom and I started hitting the ceiling and telling it to stop so I go outside and tell my dad and he got our dog and was trying to get him in the house because animals can sense things we can't but he would not go in the house he kept backing up and trying to get away we knew then something was wrong we told our landlords but they would not come in the house to talk about it they knew but wouldn't tell us what was going on.Well what could we do we didn't h ave money to move at that time so my mom told us to go out and play so we did we went in the front yard to play on our swing set well all of a sudden a car comes and wrecks into our neighbors front yard and 3 others cars hit her and this was directly in front of us we seen everything the lady in the front car told the police that she lost controll and her car was going to hit us so she turn the wheel to the other side she said she don't know what happened.Well after that our dog got missing we looked everywhere but couldn't find him he never left the yard never we don't know what happened to him we had him for 3 years.About a week after all this happened we went to school and my mom and dad was laying across the bed and my mom said she looked up and saw a lady in white but you could see right thru her and she told them to get out now my dad looked at my mom and said did you hear that and my mom said yes so they got out and they found a house by the time we got home from school they had already got everything out we we've getting ready to leave my mom told me to shut the back door when I did I heard somebody sweeping the floor.After we moved about a year later they torn the house down and have never sold the land .

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