Mount Hope- Henry Hill

by Brendan Burns
(Decatur, Alabama, United States)

There are many different lores as to why this place is haunted. The one I grew up hearing the most is that Henry was out working on his truck on the side of the road. He noticed a car speeding towards him, so he jumped in and put his vehicle into neutral, he started pushing his truck out of the road when he was struck by the other vehicle and was killed instantly.

Now, for what you do. If you go to the bottom of this hill and park your car in Neutral and just sit there and idle, you will see that something is physically pushing your car up the hill. The lore says that this is Henry trying to push you out of the way so you do not get hit. I have gone and physically done this and can contest it does work, and I have heard people have put baby powder on there trunk and have seen hand prints.

From what I have heard this legend is in all just a myth, and that its an illusion that the gravitational pull on the earth is what causes your vehicle to move.

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