Morrow, Georgia at our old house that we grew up in

by kathy corry
(morrow ga)

There was an old man that lived right next door to us, and me and my cousins and little sisters loved to play hide-and-go seek in his yard so I guess he hated day he died (he was a real old man) and so did his wife , we were so young, but almost my whole family lived in that house.

so one day i was watching t.v alone in my grandmas's room and every body else was outside so the t.v just shutt off and the door just closed, i was so scared i ran out the room. My grandpa wakes up early in the morning to go to work and he said that he saw a ghost walking outside while every body was sleeping.

Another story is when my sisters were sleeping downstairs in the same house, And they made a room in our old basement. So one night they heard someone coming down the steps ,but they didnt pay any attention to it. Then they went to sleep and they heard something tapping on the window. They wook up scared then all of a sudden they heard a loud scream outside.

Then all of the dogs in the neighborhood were howling and barking super loud, And let me just tell you it was not a human scream. My mother said it wasnt a person and she said that she thinks it was a witch trying to get in the house.

Months later we moved to a bedroom upstairs in the house me and my little sister were scared to sleep there so we went to sleep with our mom and my older sister stayed in the room sleeping so as she was sleeping she noticed that there was a black bird outside her window, so she ran to my mother's room and slept there then we started hearing things outside and my dog was barking and howling in the garage.

Then in the room we decided to sleep in that room with our older sis and i woke up and saw a shadow that looked like my mother and it was staring back at me so it turned around and looked at the mirror that was in front of my bed. The next morning i ask my mom if she was in my room around 3 and she said no. Since that night i never slept in that room again.

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