More orbs

by Sylvia
(San Antonio, TX)

If you REALLY want to see real orbs, I usually go to the site on the internet of The Battle Ground of Custer's Last Stand. It has been turned to a National Park shrine honoring those who perished in that battle. The tombstones are standing where the soldiers were slain, and the park has web cams showing both the east and west site of the shrine. What makes it more interesting is at night. The cameras pick up real orbs that flutter around. Some are small, but distinct. Other times, there is one that is fiery red. One time, the west cam showed another side to the cemetery and I could distinctly see a man with a hat leaning against a tree smoking a cigerette. However, he was very fuzzy and it seemed to be late at night when all visitors were gone. During the day, you can see many visitors as they make their way to the monuments. Of course, the orbs only come out at night and quite a few times they don't even appear. But most of the time, I do see them. Check it out! Here is the site: on Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument. Go to multimedia and the two cams are on that page. Good luck!

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