More on Hannah House in Indianapolis

October 1981 - A TV crew went to Hannah House to film a segment on the Jaycee's Halloween House. A cameraman stood in the dining room doorway, planning to get a shot of the room from that point. After he commented about that wouldn't it be unnerving if the room's chandelier would start to swing, the chandelier started to swing in a six-inch arc. After investigating, the swinging chandelier had no reasonable cause to make it do so.

A psychic, Allene Cunningham, was brought by the crew into the mansion on the same day. She felt cold spots and presences in the house.

At the end of the filming of last shot, the cameraman stood in the dining room doorway, to film the host of this Halloween segment who was standing in front of a propped up coffin. Suddenly, a picture hanging on the wall above the coffin fell down with a crash. After seeing that the nail was still in it's upward position, and the string in back of the picture wasn't broken, it was deducted that something had to deliberately lift the picture off the nail. Some unseen entity was up to the old tricks, to try to scare the living, and let them know that ghosts were there.

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