Montreal,Quebec Canada

by Olivia
(Montreal,Quebec Canada)

Ever since I was young, till now, I do believe in paranormal. When I was in high school, my friends and I use to go to this park where lots of kids go and just chill after school. 1/4 of the area was mostly woods but never looked scary to me. So, after school we usually just sit and chat and tell stories about boys, enemies and what not... I had this girl of a friend who is quite very timid and calm and her name was Darlene... As we all chit chat about our day in school, she suddenly changed the topic and starts asking us if we ever did play "Spirits of the coin" ( it's a hand made Ouija that can be used with plain paper and a coin) I never ever heard of this thing she mentioned but for me it was quite interesting since paranormal never did happened to me or did it? Well, as the others go on explaining what it was, it said it was to contact spirits and that it could be fun. In my head I really wanted to try and see if it was real and I was pretty much curious about it. So, that night I couldn't wait to try this spirits of the coin thing to call the dead. So, I waited for my mom to go to bed and stayed in the living room watching tv while I was preparing the sheet and writing down letters from A-Z and numbers 0-9 and wrote down the word YES MAYBE NO and added to that Hi! And BYE. The clock strikes at 12:00am, lighted up the candles, turned of the TV, sited on the floor while the sheet was i front of me. I put my finger on the coin over the sheet and started to pray the Our Father, as I was done with the prayer I whispered " is there any sprits around me? " Then a few seconds I felt a strong breeze and heard a child's laugh. I stopped, pulled out my finger from the coin and got a little scared and thought where did that child laugh come from? It can't be the neighbor's kid because its already past there bed time so that couldn't be them. I stood up and went over to the window to check if there was people outside with a kid, but it was pretty much dead silent and just cleaned up and went to bed. The next day, me and my friends went and watch our guy friends over at the local gym for a basketball game. Most of us was at the cafeteria watching from the upstairs. We laugh talked about the usual but Darlene was pretty quiet and doesn't move and was just staring down the table without her eyes flinching... We tried calling her and shaking her but didn't react. I run downstairs and called one of our friend and came back up with her to check on Darlene, and she suddenly look back

to normal. We didn't question what happened and just acted normal as if nothing happened to her. After a few minutes Darlene and our other friend Kat ask where was the cute boy with a hat go that came up with us when I called our other friend from downstairs... We looked at each other and asked, what Kid???

I was like, we didn't bring no kid with us awhile ago. They kept saying there was and we where both holding on to him when we came up... It was the weirdest feeling in my gut that something wasn't right at that moment... I looked at Darlene and she started to look pale and she suddenly cried and screamed like a child and ran off outside. We ran after her and saw her sitting in the corner of the street and she looked upset and a questionable face on how did she get here when we where all sitting down in the cafeteria... We told her that she ran and yelled looking for her mom. Then she remembered as if it was a dream that a child was asking her to go with him to look for his mom but she couldn't because she was scared and might not come back alive.
To make my story short, for the fact that this kid spirit was actually a lost spirit who was looking for his mom that I actually called the night I was fooling around with the Spirits of the coin. This spirit stayed with Darlene 's BF Brian who is also my good friend of mine who has a third eye meaning his a spirit magnet just like Darlene... No wonder why the boy was keeping up with the couple. I called up that night at Brian's house to check how he is doing and apparently his Dad told me that he got a high fever and that he saw a little boy inside his room sitting on the bed on top of Brian's head while he was sleeping, and that the little boy was rubbing his head gently and that he knew it wasn't something normal and just left it be out of respect for the little spirit. So, the next day Brian called us up to meet at the park near my place and that we all gather together to help the little boy find his mom by using the the paper and the coin I used that night to call him in and to pray as guidance to send him home. As we started communicating with him he asks us to pray and he will let us know if he sees the light that will lead him to his mom. We prayed all together asking God to lead him home and then the coin moved and said Thank you I see the light now bye... Well who ever or where ever the little boy is right this moment, I will never forget the experience we had with him and I will always remember him forever....

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