Montgemery MN holy reedemer church

by tori
(montgemry, mn, usa)

when i was about 13 i snuck out of my house at about 3:00 just to go on a walk and clear my mind. Down the street from my house is a very old creepy church, every time i would walk by there i would cross the street to go on the other side. This time i didn't guess i just forgot to. Well, i got tired so i sat on the side of it where there were steps. I was kinda lonely and board so i called my friend zack to come and hang out with me. He said he'd be there in about an hour because he was with his girlfriend so i said alright, meet me at the church so as i was waiting for him note, it was august so i was in shorts and a tank top, it had been about 15 minutes or so. i thought i saw zack in the church so i went in to go see him, he started to walk down the stairs in the church so i thought he was just messing with me. So i followed him down there and the further i went diwn the steps the more cold it got. It got to the point where i couldn;t see anything nit even my friend. I flipped up my phone for light, and to my suprise it was ripped out of my hands. Still thinking it was my friend and walked around down there looking for him. I finally found my phone and called zack thinking ti hear his ring tone but i didn't, he finally answered as i said ha nice try now come out from the church but to my shock, he said he was still

at Haileys house and that he would leave now to come get me. I started hearing things in there so i walked around as i was talking to him. And i heard a mans voice screaming Zack asked me who was there with me and i said no one. After about 5 minutes of this i was balling my eyes out i was so scared, my phone was ripped out of my hands once more and i was pushed to the floor screaming for zack. I blacked out and once i woke up i remember Zack carrying me out of the church. By then it was almost sunrise so i could barely see him but when i looked up a his face, i was so shocked... he was crying. Once i woke up a bit more we sat at the park a few blocks down. I got off of hislap and asked him what was wrong, he said he found me in the church with my phone smashed and deep scratches on my back and neck. He showed me the scratches and held m by him i was a bit confused but i just went with it. Once we got back to his house he gave me one of his shirts to put on. As i took of mine i screamed in horror, there were two huge bite marks on my hips. Zack ran down to his room and saw the bite marks and just froze there in terror. He cleaned out all of my wounds and we just sat there. Not doing anything but thinking and he finally said i wasn't in that church. something else was in there. and to this day i never go by it ever.

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