Monroe, Washington: Monroe High School halls

by Ryan
(Monroe, Washington)

I was screwing around with my buddies at the high school. It was about 10:20 at night and it was pitch black. The school was somehow open for events regarding sports. While me and my buddies were having a good time, we heard footsteps, they sounded like a heel then ball of the foot motion, like a cowboys boot.

We wrote this off and went back to partying. One of my friends had to use the restroom, so we waited for her. When ten minutes passed, we kept our 2 inch butterfly knives close, and went inside the school. it was dark and gloomy. We saw her looking up the main staircase. When we got there, we heard footsteps scurry away. As we followed them, we began to feel a sense of dread and pain.

As we followed the steps until they stopped, we waited. The silence that surrounded us was thick, almost heavy. We then saw a figure, cloaked in darkness stare down at us, point a finger and said " Verlassen sie nun heiden" which I later found out meant 'leave now heathens' in German. Regardless, we sprinted to our cars, and left tire marks on the driveway. None of us slept that night.

Verlassen sie nun heiden

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