Modesto, CA

by Javier Gonzalez

I was around the age of 12 when this event occurred so around 2002. It was around 11 pm or so and only my younger sisters were asleep, both of the age 3 & 5. Anyways, I was watching tv with my two brothers in my room. All of a sudden I turned my head to the face the doorway that lead to the hallway. At that exact moment I saw a little girl walking down the hallway. At first I thought it was one of my sisters because of the gown she was wearing was almost exactly similar. So I got up assuming the older brother role to tell my sister to go back to bed. As I went into the hallway there was no one there. I checked the front door but it was locked and no one was outside when I looked. Next, I went to the sliding door exit to my backyard but it was locked and no one was in my backyard as well. So I finally went to my sisters room and they were both asleep. Then I thought to myself, wait this little girl/ghost did not look like either of my sister but both combined. By both combined I mean the physical features of both my sisters. One of my sisters was shorter than the other by far and blonde. The other Brunette and taller than average. This ghost was tall just like my brunette sister and blonde and more pale like the other Now it could easily be said that my sister slept walk and went back to bed but she would have had to walk by me to get to her room.

A lot of these events occurred around this time period at my house. My mother had just given birth to my youngest brother and what happened when my mother was pregnant with him was weird. When my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother she would see a little ghost, probably the same one I saw, running around the house. My mom described it as if this little ghost was trying to play hide-n-seek with her. I remember one day she told me how she saw a halo of orbs circling over her head when she was alone one night. Let me remind you again my mother was pregnant at the time. Things got a little bit stranger after my brother was born. My mom would me how she would here foot steps in my baby brother crib even though he was completely passed out. These eventually stopped when my brother turned about 2 years old. For some reason newborns or very young children have a heightened sense for these things. Makes me wonder why. Do we lose these abilities as we age or is it something bigger than that.

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