Minot, maine

by Mikayla jackson

Right out back near the tip of maine there is said to be a man and wife who lived away from everyone, out in the woods. They were always fighting. One day when the wife was chopping wood her and her husband were having the biggest fight yet. She couldnt stand him any longer. She picked up the axe and cut his head clean off. The wife buried the head in her refrigerator and went to bed. That night as she sat in bed she heard" ooooooooooooo who has my head?" the wife was scared. She pulled up the covers and eventually fell asleep. That morning she was having tea on her front porch enjoying the wilderness. She heard a voice say.." who is going to keep me warm at night whhooooo?" and the wife said " noone go away stupid old goat." Then she heard the voice again except it felt like it was right around the corner. She turned and walked into the house but a big hairy hand grabbed her neck and screamed " You are!"

I personaly belive in this mainly because there is an old house in the middle of the woods and its abanded and there is always a pile of freshly cut wood outsidde the house. Once we went inside and there was a giant refridgerator in the doorway. We wanted to open ot but didnt dare. Another time we drove by on the four wheelers and saw the rocking chair in the house slowly rocking.....
My dad and I quickly drove away. And I havent been there since.
Hope you enjoyed the story!

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