Milo, Maine

by Daniel Foley
(New Haaven, Ct.)

There is a man who owned a farm in Milo, Maine, and had many slaves working on the farm. He was a very cruel man who beat the slaves. At times he had them go on the farm in a circle and beat them. On rainy nights you can see the slaves on the farm going around in a circle holding lanterns. A couple of young people went parking in the area one rainy night and saw this vision and took off never to come back to the area again.

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Feb 10, 2017
milo NEW
by: Anonymous

maine didnt have an anti slave law untill 1850. get your facts straight. maine had slaves smh

Oct 22, 2014
Inaccurate Information NEW
by: Anonymous

Actually, Dan, Maine was not a slave state, unless the man had slaves under the radar, which is entirely possible. Maine was established as a free state after slavery was abolished in the north part of the United States.

That, however, doesn't negate the authenticity of the ghostly/paranormal experience, although I question the nature of the story behind it. That story, if interpreted correctly, explains the manifestation and those involved in it.

Intriguing, though. Thanks for sharing.

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