Miller Elementary, New Boston

by Marysa
(New Boston, Michigan, United States)

In the computer lab, every so often you can see a little girl"s face with long black hair and blue eyes staring at you. On the chalkboard you can also sse the initals "CC".

every Tuesday and Thursday, This one computer number 34 the same one every time turns back on when we turn them off. When we turn all the computers off No. 34 turns back on and a bunch of words come on the computer screen in French.

Only two words come on in English, and they are "Help Me!!!". Only a few 5th graders there like myself know We don't know what went on in there but all we know is that we feel bad for who ever is in there this year and we hope nothing like this happens to them.

Also in one little hallway where they keep the paper my friends and I were taking a test in that little hall, when we heard footsteps we looked at each other and asked if the other person was making the noises and we all said no. then we looked down the far end of the hall and no one was there. Then all of us looked back and we saw the chair move all by its self, then a cold breeze cam by us.

We thought we were imagining things so we looked down again. Then we got done with the tests, we looked to the side and found a grey sweater were the chair moved by its self. We ran out of there we never went back into that hall again.

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Apr 13, 2012
I was there with you NEW
by: Jax

It still freaks me out, I'm not sure what cc is either. I stilfigure figure out who it Is

Aug 23, 2011
I have never..
by: Anonymous

I have never yet to be able to find out who or what C.C was

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