mike 1023 w 5th st. marion in both apt upstairs and down

by mike
(marion indiana u.s)

this is my cousins girlfriends sister in what used to be laundry room now is bathroom

this is my cousins girlfriends sister in what used to be laundry room now is bathroom

hi my name is mike and i'm 30 yrs old never had an experience til i was moving in with my cousin which lived downstairs and my best friend lived upstairs and still does well anyways on jan 4th 1997 my aunt was raped and brutally beaten to death which is by far the hardest thing in my life to go through and being unsolved to this day makes things worse she live on 5th and boots in a sleeping room like 3 blocks away an for years i would not drive bye it then in jan 2010 i ended up in a tight spot and had to move just a few blocks away my cousin and best friend had already lived their for about 10 months and had reported nothing out of the ordinary til my cuz and i was moving my stuff in and we both heard the distinctive sound of someone running on his side of the car so i pushed the gas down and you could even hear the loud foot on pavement sounds as it slowly fell behind well when i got to the next stop sign we both got out and looked around the car dumb founded finding nothing but we both remembered this unnatural fear as if they were going to jump in the window and anyone who knows us will tell you we don't scare easy then later i was alone and it was very dark and i was driving and i swore i seen someone cross the street as if to check mail so i slowed way down to see where they was so i didnt run them over and as i was starting to pass the spot where i seen them i saw a big black and i mean black object which i was not paying much attention to cause i was expecting to see a person until it turned and started moving omg my heart dropped and i took off i was just entering the country cause my old house was in fairmount and it was the longest trip ever all i could think of was my entire life of being a horror buff and how all the movies i watched made this way worse well finally after being moved in i remember little things happening that i explained away because i didn't want to give my conformation to my girlfriend cause i felt if i did she would really be scared so by leaving doubt maybe her fears would settle til everyone was getting very upset with me because after 8 months it was obvious what was going on but i didn't wanna tell anyone else about it for fear of being made fun of then things began to get worse my girlfriend was getting these long scratches down her arms and back when she slept she started wearing sweat shirts and rolling up in blankets when she slept but it didn't matter it would still happen to her and needless to say she was losing her mind wondering why her which upset me terribly so i started getting mad and saying things like , wow it takes a real tough guy to scratch someone in there sleep cause i felt terrible cause i could not stop it and these scratches where very odd cause they would be long and red sometimes but would go away really fast like in less than a day which i knew was very strange then we had a b-day party for my cousins son and caught some weird pics of a man without a face but you can see his suit so well that you can see its like a double breasted jacket with lapels and even the shirt under it and his collar from shirt and jacket folded together and black hair but face looks like it was not fully formed but you can also see a womens face in the pic whith her hair parted down the middle and you can see her face fine but no pupils and a few other pics which where weird but not anything like the other one then sometime later the voices and knocking on doors and frames around doors being tapped on as if to get our attention cause about every 10 taps there was a big bang like it was pissed cause we were not paying any mind then my girlfriend was cooking while i was napping and plainly heard a man walk right up behind her and say hello as if you would if you came home and was saying hello anyone here she took off running like a maniac and as she passed me she smacked my foot and yelled my name in a panic which scared the shit out of me right off and she would not come back in for a long while til later that night then sometime later i was upstairs at my friends which was i think a little more active i was sitting with my back to this room that noone likes for some reason the door moves pictures get moved alot just has a very stuffy cold feel to it and i heard a mans voice within a couple of inches away from my ear say hey which did

not scare me at all i acually was feeling pretty exited about it and felt comfortable which is not at all what i thought i would have felt i should have been terrified but i wasn't also in that room early in the day my friends daughter was over she is about 7 when i left i thaught she was staying the night so i came back about 11pm with 2 other friends and we were getting kinda loud and outta the corner of my eye i seen someone on the bed flip over from one side over to their other side and they flipped over pretty hard so what i automatically thought was that it was her sleeping and she was gettin mad cause we were being loud and wanted to show she was annoyed so i qieted down and said to my friend sorry bro i forgot your doughter was still here and he looked at me like a nut case and said she left hours ago so i was like who's in the bed and there was nobody in the bed that was crazy then my friend was sleeping and felt like someone was on his pillow slowly inching toward him it eventually stopped but later he woke up cause he heard and felt somthing that he described as if someone tripped or kicked the steel bed fram and when he looked up there was a black mass that went from about 3 foot tall to about 7 foot tall and when he tried to lift up and yell it jabbed him on both sides of the ribs really hard then a month or so so later he got a dog from a friend a huge mean pit bull and it started acting strange growling at the bedroom door and the closet door and in the mornings after my friend went to work i could hear the dog like it was fighting with someone so i just thought someone was playing and growling back at the dog like alot of guys do with their dog cause i could hear growling and barking at the same time and ended up being nobody there after a couple weeks the dog started losing its hair on its lower back and acting really strange from you never knew how he was going to be from one minute to the next like he was being tormented one time when i was hearing the dog going crazy when i got up stairs th dog was locked in the stairway and when i let him in he jumped on the couch and was so scared he was trying to dig himself down in the couch under the arm and next to the cushin so i was calling for him and at first i didn't notice but he was lookin at me when i called then lookin right behind me in terror when i noticed what was going on i got the hell out so i finally told my other cousin which i am really close to which you could tell he kinda did and did not believe me so he said he would come over and try and catch a voice with the camera from my laptop which is all i had cause i sure as hell was not going to do it alone but i was thinking great now nothing will happen cause i want it to so we started recording and i was explaining to him about my girlfriends scratches and how they looked most recently and right after i said that a women's voice said as plain as day and nice as possible , I'm sorry don't take that personal, wow i was amazed as was my cousin and when i showed my girlfriend what she said it really helped her she had no fear and was comforted which was great and when we walked through my kitchen to go to the active room of the house my kitchen felt very strange like as if i was in a pressure chamber or walking under water and i had never felt that before or since then we moved to my new house and was peaceful for about 8 month then my uncle felt his shoulder be pushed from behind and he turned around really fast as if he was expecting someone to be standing there and i could tell it freaked him out then later he was starting to cast doubt saying it may have been a muscle spasm which annoyed me cause spasms don't push you about 2 feet across the room as we where talking about it he was leaning against the counter and was pushed from behind again not to hurt him but just to confirm it was a push not a spasm and another time i heard my tool box drawer pulled open really fast and another time it happened again i also have seen a shadow person about 4 times and another time which i don't understand it used my cousins voice just after he left and said shakedown, about 4-5 feet away from me while i was cleaning my living room and the only time i heard shakedown is in prison movies so i don't know what else it could mean

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