Midtown Rd. Madison, Wisconsin (address not stated to protect Identity)

by Kari
(Madison, Wisconsin, United States)

As a child I grew up in the same bedroom. For years of my life I have been plagued by insomnia and would stay awake all night. In the corner of my room (which had in fact been converted by a nursery) sat a woman. She rocked back and forth as if she was on a rocking chair but the chair never appeared in the apparition. She held her arms up as if she had a child in her arms but never really would ever look at the child. The woman herself was the scary part. She didn't do anything violent but her looks. She was a slightly older woman from what I could tell but half of her head was missing. As if it had been blown off. There were a few times where I'd try to interact but I quickly gave up on that when she actually responded to my queries. She wouldn't speak back but, she'd stand up and walk over to me. She'd appear behind me and begin to attempt to comb my hair. At one point me and some friends attempted to "banish" her. This went horribly wrong, not that anyone realized it till later. That morning when we woke up, on the outside of the house, was a bloody carving knife. I tried to explain it away as a human prank but it was on the outside wall on the second floor of the house. I'll never forget that woman.

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Mar 27, 2014
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by: JC

This is a very scary story. Not because the woman you saw looked horrible, but because of her retaliation with the knife! It really sounds like she didn't intend to hurt anyone - combing your hair is a nurturing gesture when it's not a spirit scaring you half to death.

My advice under these circumstances, where the spirit does not appear to intend or want to hurt you, would be to use white sage in the following manner:

1. Place the sage in a container large enough to hold a large candle about 4 inches high.

2. Carefully light the sage with a match inside the open container. (Be very careful because lighted sage drops tiny pieces of burning-hot particles if it is not in an open container!)

3. Walk throughout the house, entering each and every room while moving the container in your hand so as to spread the sage smoke everywhere in every room on every level of the house.

4. While walking throughout every room in the house, continuously (repeatedly) state, "Any spirit in this house who means any harm, I command you to leave this house NOW!"

I always say a prayer for protection before walking throughout a house, but that is a personal preference. My personal prayer is, "Dear God, wash me in the blood of Jesus Christ and keep me safe from harm."

I realize that it sounds like it's too late to do this in your childhood home, but should you encounter a situation such as this again, at least you will know what to do!

Be Safe In God's Care,

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