Miami, AZ Miami High School

We have multiple dances at our school that run until about 11PM. During our Sadie Hawkins dance in 2010, I was asked to go to a classroom and get a stamp and a marker. Our dances are usually held in the cafeteria.

Once I entered the building, it became very cold and I felt like someone was following me. There was nobody in the building and nobody went with me.

Once I walked up the stairs and headed towards the classroom, I saw a shadow pass at the end of the hall by the girl's bathroom. Then I heard a scream from the bathroom. I finally got the classroom door open and I got the things that I needed. I looked towards the door, and all I could see was a shadow that seemed to be pacing in front of the door.

I left the room and when I was almost down the stairs, I heard a loud bang that came from the elevator. I ran out of the building, and now I will not go into the building alone at night.

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