mesa county colorado

When i was 12 i shared a room and a bed with my younger sister, we fought alot. This one night my sister and I were again fighting. my sister finaly said she was going to sleep in the front room on the couch, I thought that was cool because I would have the whole bed to myself. So she left and closed the door behind her (that's important) anyway I laid down for bed and could not sleep and all of the sudden a women who was completely white (I mean no color at all) came out of the closet. I was scared so I jumped to the door and it would not open the women came around the corner and said "open the door" i said "im trying!!!" finaly the door opened, I turned around and she was gone. my sister ran up to me telling me someone tryed breaking into the front door. Well thats my ghost story I have had other experiences with the paranormal but this is the only one where I got to see one in front of me.

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