Mayo clinic i think minnasota

by Ethan

I was with my mother up at mayo clinc for medical reasons. My late cousin matt had gone there alot. he was almost 21 i belive, he had had a bad heart and was on the transplant list but sadly he diden tmake it :(. he died peacfully in his sleep. Anyways when we went up there suddenly the faucet turned on, it was one of the ones you wave your hand in front of to turn on. The nurse looked and said "that's never happend in this room before." Then me and my mother looked at each other and said"it's matt."

A few notes: 1. i was 12 or 11 when this happend i am 14 now. 2: my aunt has seen signs from im as well (he was her son.) and 3. I have een very interested in the paranormal for ages and love almost any place haunted. thanks for reading!

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