Maybe an Orb

by Cheryl Blevins
(Pell City, Ala. USA)

Could this be an Orb?

Could this be an Orb?

My dog stares into my living room from my den like he sees something. I have taken photo's and sometimes see orbs(?) in the photo but can take a photo the next second and see nothing. My dog sometimes will play in my living room and come running and yelping like his tail is on fire but I don't know why, he will jump in my lap yelping and shaking (he is a chihuahua). But it's not all the time. He doesn't play in the living room much anymore. My grand kids does not like going in my master bedroom because they don't feel good about it. I have not seen anything but my husband and I have heard things that sound like they fell from a great height and I go look and nothing out of place. My daughter's 2 dogs were playing in my den one day and all of a sudden took off running-barking into my bedroom and bathroom and stopped at my closet door barking. We did EVP's and EMF's but found nothing. But I have a photo I would like to share and see what opinions I get.

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