Matsell Bridge, center point, iowa I believe. Right outside of Viola

by Jessica
(Cedar Rapids, IA)

I have, with my very own skeptical eyes, seen the dark figure of a man walk behind and around my car. Along with my 3 passengers.

Weird banging sounds on the bridge, shadows darting in and out of the moonlight, strange mist forming from absolutely nothing or nowhere.

I even had handprints left on the roof and passenger side of the car, which I covered with baby powder twice after everyone was in the vehicle.

The handprint was the size of a man who had to be over 6 1/2 feet tall. I am a woman of 5'6, and the size of my hand was only as big as the palm of the handprint on my car, the fingers stretched way beyond the size of my entire hand.

The handprint even had a tremendous amount of ridge detail to it as well.

I have pictures to prove that handprints were left on my vehicle, as well as several witnesses.

This bridge is truly haunted, and im not sure by who or what. I have the pictures on my laptop. And we cant seem to ever get the same things to happen.

It must be an intelligent spirit, the way it messes with you and try's to distract you.

Noises come from all around you. I've seen a lot of things, grew up in a haunted house, and been witness to several other paranormal experiences in my life, and I have never experienced anything quite like this.

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