masa verda appartments arvada co JUSTIN SWANSON

by justin swanson
(arvada co 80002)

well have lived here 3 years and two appartments here and my brother lives in an app here to and my mom did to in another app here two and our first place we would have stuff move bang open all kinds of stuff in app a106 the people next to us wpuld say crazy stuff to. well in another building where my mom lived had heard noises and had the a door open and her cats got skidish of if.and my brother in the other side f114 my brother has seen and heard things in his home to all same appartments. and he was woken one night by a dark figuar over his bed. whent to reach the other side of the bed to grap a knife and it was gone.he said i look to be in a trench and an old cowboy tipe hat.and now moved to e116 next building and me and my wife have problems here to got one door in the kitchen opens by itself i have watched it before crazy!!! and we get knocking scraching.this whole place is crazy. about two mon after moving to e116 we said to our new friend next door and he was not supprised about what we said. and told us he storys he thinks the goast in between our house and his is young. but crazy place to live check it out im justin e 116 it on 51 and kip accross from target thanks guys

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