Marysville California

by Alex Vasquez
(Yuba city California )

Me (age 15) and my step dad were cleaning the Yuba college theatre in marysville he went because of his job I went because I want to work as a Hollywood makeup artist . He cleaned I vacuumed then when we were done. But he gave me a tour of all the rooms we went down the stage steps.He said ,"They say this place is haunted by a Indian named Sonya." I said ,"yeah right I don't believe you ." I smiled as we entered the backstage area it was pitch black he turned on the lights and gave me a tour.As we were leaving I looked at a prop bed I said,"I wonder if it's soft to lay on?" 6 seconds later we heard a baby laughing from the prop room it echoed a ghostly laugh that stretched through the hall. We both fast walked out of the building my step dad said,"I told you !" I said "I'm never coming back ever again." Besides that story I heard of a man working there he was smoking and in that smoke was a misty face as for my step dad he brought me because he didn't want to go alone.

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