by Ritchie
(Terre Haute IN)

This is about a haunted reigon in Terre Haute IN, close to what is called dead mans curve near the federal penitentiary. This story is of a girl which walks thru houses and her name is believed to be Mary Elizabeth. If she comes thru it is to awake people before the little evil shadow thing comes thru. the story goes that if they will not be stirred by mary elizabeth that they are possibly then open to manulipation from the wicked evil one. there are reports of people committing suicide and other deaths of unusual circumstances in this region only having the one thing in common, the region. She comes thru around 2-3am, but waiting around for her may take months. the stories are from people who live in this place, and have seen full body apparations of her walking thru their livingrooms, and going thru walls. little is known about mary but she does have a grave in this area. If youre in this area between 2-3am and see a girl in a white bonnet, people from here would agree you have seen mary elizabeth.

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