market st Andrews, Indiana (not sure east or west) 2 blocks from factory- right off of virginia

I lived in this house for a brief time(about 11 yrs old)at the time. This house is definately haunted! You would hear footsteps going up the wooden stairs and the air would get quite cold. Faucets would pop off and waterlines would break. My personal experience was an entity would be in my room, you could feel the presence. I always slept with my lights on. You would see man's foot indentations in the carpet, then you would hear footsteps going back down the wooden staircase slowly. My brothers felt the same experiences, evil=like. I tried to remember the address but I feel I am close. I looked up on google map with the "little guy" but he kept jumping a street over (like do not go there. It is a two-story white old house with a small front porch), I remember it had a porch swing on the left side as you walked to the door. I am 57 now and sure it still sits empty. Please check it out! Still gives me the creeps! Cam

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