Mains Hall, Blackpool, Lancashire

Mains Hall


Mains Hall stands 6 miles inland with it's quaint wooden frame and angelic white walls. But does the pleasing exterior hide something darker inside?

The first incarnation of the hall first stood in 1236 but the current hall can't actually be dated accurately - it's thought it dates back to at least 1500. It acted as a hotel until a fire broke out in the kitchen during December 2002 and is now used only by the owners.


One of the most commonly reported phenomena is of a tall lady walking around the bed and people often return to the room later to find an indentation of someone sitting on the same bed. Could she be a former occupant, owner or guest?

Both male and female voices are often heard in the bar area and in room 10 people claim to see the ghost of a large man and complain of feeling depressed for no reason. Two more spirits that are prevailant are a little girl called Elanor in the main bedroom who likes to move the curtains to get people's attention and a woman called Marie Fitzherbet who is often seen sitting by the window in the main bedroom.

During Living TV's Most Haunted's recent(ish) investigation, they captured on film what they believe to be their first "proper" manifestation... Take a look at the picture below and see what you think. Strangely enough, the white shape actually fell past the camera and visably rotated. Unproven evidence of the paranormal, or something more easily explainable?

Ghost captured at Mains Hall?

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