Madison County High School

by Cheyenne Mikeala-Leigh Statzer
(Jackson County, Athens, Georgia, United States of America)

My cousin used to be a Security Guard there. One day he said he was taking me to work with him. While we there and making sure all the doors were locked, we went into the gym and he told me to make sure that the gym door shut tight, he said that he is just going to go up the stairs and that I would be able to see him. When I was checking the gym doors he looked up and said you need to hurry up and get up here, I asked 'why? Am i being followed?' and he said 'yeah.'

Throughout the night we also saw this one black dog that kept running in one place and then would disappear and then re-appear.
Plus if you look into the cafe at night you can sometimes see ghosts there.

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