Maddie and Rita

by Mekhya

In 2008,in a sixth grade classroom at Union Central Elementary School,two ghosts named Maddie and Rita terrorized a new girl in that class.Her name was Emily Womack.She was taking a spelling test,and her pencil broke so she asked her teacher,Mrs.Johnson, to sharpen her pencil.Emily went to sharpen her pencil.While she was doing that, she heard a strange noise by the by the window she heard an eerie moaning.So she moved to the window.The moaning stopped.She tried to hear some more moaning, but she didn't hear anything.She went back to sharpening her pencil.Then.....Maddie and Rita broke the window,grabbed Emily by the hair,dragged her across the floor and threw her out the window.Emily was badly hurt,but she didn't die.Recently five girls named Mekhya,Andranika,Christen,Claire and Jaliyah have found more information about Maddie and Rita.Claire and Mekhya suspects that Maddie and Rita are stalking them is it true or are ghosts just a myth.

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