Ludlow Castle

Brief History

Ludlow castle is believed to have been founded by Walter de Lacy in the late 11th century. He arrived in England in 1066 as the second in command to William fitzOsbern during his Norman invasion of England.

Walter became an incredibly wealthy man, owning 163 manors across the country, and after the war he was tasked with bringing order to the area. His answer to this was to build a stone castle, one of the very first stone castles in England.

Walter was killed in a construction accident in Hereford in 1085 and was succeeded by his son, Roger de Lacy who died childless a few years later.

After this the castle changed hands a huge number of times, with many families taking ownership over the centuries in a castle that saw many battles and bloodshed.

Today the castle is protected by English Heritage and is a listed building. It is open to the public as a tourist attraction.

Ludlow Castle Ghosts

There have been many reports of ghostly activity here at Ludlow castle, with all the usual claims of things such as orbs and unexplainable sounds, but the most well known spirit here has to be that of Marion La Bruyere.

She was the daughter of the lord of the castle during the 13th century, and in love with one of the local barons. This baron had a long standing dispute with the lord of Ludlow and was a known enemy, though this didn't stop him from having a secret relationship with the lords daughter.

One night after the rest of the castle slept, Marion was waiting eagerly for her forbidden love to arrive and climb up a rope she had placed out of her window to allow him to spend the night in her chamber.

The baron arrived as planned and scaled the tower into her room, but he was followed by several of his men. When they were all inside he went down to the main doors and opened them from the inside, allowing the hundred men he had outside to storm the castle. The baron killed all of Marions family and claimed the castle for himself.

Upon seeing her father die at the hands of the baron she immediately grabbed his dagger and stabbed him in the throat, killing him almost instantly. After this she fled into her tower room, followed by the barons angry guards and locked herself in the room. It only took a few minutes before she made the decision and jumped out the window, dying straight away on the rocks below.

Her apparition is now the most well known spirit at the castle, often being described a young pretty woman with long brown hair and always wearing an elegant dress. She has been reported in all areas of the castle, often just walking along a certain area or standing still staring out a window before fading away into nothing.

Also voices and the muffled sound of crying have been heard coming from the tower room where she lived when it is known to be empty.

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