Love berry ridge in Lewis co. Wv ( I believe it's called love berry church)

It's reported that a man in the area was a devil worshiper back In the 1800s. When he died the church buried him in the cemetery but refused to give him a head stone. They say the fires of hell keep his grave warm year round. My best friend and I went there in the middle of winter to see if it was true. As soon as we entered the cemetery we became uneasy. I felt like I was being watched. My friend became paranoid and said someone was touching his arms and neck. We walked around till we found a depression in the ground. There was no snow on it and it was hot to touch. As we were leaving in my truck I turned to look at the church. I saw what I think was a man in a black robe or something standing near the church. I told my friend to look and it was running towards us. It was moving way faster than what a normal man could move. It scared us enough that I floored it and we left.

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