Loogootee, Indiana

by Tom Rego
(Loogootee, Indiana. Martin Country)

My two friends and I had been saving up some money for quite some time to buy a house of our own out in the country and we bought a house in Dover Hill, Indiana about 1 mile from shoals, Indiana and my friend collected old watches and knives.

And one day I was home all alone when the ceiling fan came on and went clock wise for a minute or so and stopped to go around counter clockwise and all the merriors in the house were crocked and I straighten them. When my friend and his wife came home I didn't tell them a thing because they would have though I was telling them some kind of a tall story. However, about a month later my friend and I were in the house and the fan did the same thing and he saw it too. After a few weeks passed we had a strange fire and our house was a total loss.
He saved some of his old knives and watches and now we live in an old house and we have herd some strange noises upstairs like foot steps when nobody is up their, and we have also herd scraping on the walls. Also we have been in a room where it is cold in one pot and comfortable in another, also the air smelt funny.

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