Location: Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz California

Every night between 2-3 A.M. there are sightings of four ghosts. Three whom are visible to the human eye, one is through spirit. Back in the early 1960s, a woman by the name Maria was raped and killed where the fire pit is at today. At night, the fire pit would turn on by itself with a spark luring visitors to her presence. Her husband is often seen coming out to the beach calling "Maria, maria, maria". He is a friendly ghost, but if approached, he will chase you, thinking you have taken his wife. The two men who raped and killed Maria we're chased by local enforcement a few days later to a cliff seen 500 feet away. Then men decided to jumped off the cliff and suicide instead of doing time. Every night at the same time, you will see the two men's shadow walking back and fourth on the cliff.

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Feb 27, 2012
This happened to me
by: Marvin

I've witness this myself two years ago. I never knew about this until now actually, the man was calling out the same name and fires were sparking. Whereas the two men on the cliff, i remember seeing a man walking to the edge of the cliff and hang around

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