Little Things

by Jessica

Well, I didn't have something REALLY scary, just a few freaky little things, such as my alarm clock has an ipod touch charger and if you have music when you put it on it will start but you just have to press pause, and one time i was just in my room and it turned on all by itself, also a small santa statue was in my living room, and it just randomely fell. no breeze or anything. my wardrobe door also opens, i don't see it in action but when i walk into my room sometimes its just open.Also my birds somethimes act weird. like, they are chirping away happily and then they'll stop and stare into space for a few seconds. then they'll start chirping really quietly, then go back to normal. and, at night i hear these creaking sounds in the roof like someone was walking in there. and to top it off, i also set up a video camera to see if i caught anything. i didnt see anything, but i defenetly heard something. it was like this creaking sound, followed by three loud bangs. quite freaky, mainly because i didnt hear a thing like that while it was, thats my paranormal experience.


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