Little girl in a white night gown with long black hair

by Anissa
(Mission, TX, USA)

One time I was watching tv really late in my moms room and my mom got the remote and turned off the tv and told me to go to sleep. I of course complained then finally turned on my side to go to sleep. When I looked at the wall I saw a little girl with a white night gown and black long hair. All her hair was in her face so I couldn't see what her face looked like. Her head was tilted down a bit like as if she was scared or just got in trouble. She didn't look like she would hurt me but she did seem scared and kinda lost I guess.She looked like she was abt 9 or 10yrs old. I was scared out of my mind when I saw her. My whole body went cold but I started sweating. I stayed staring at her but started screaming to my mom to turn around. I tried to tell her to look at the little girl but my mom shrugged it off and told me to just go to sleep so I got super close to her and finally dozed off. The 2nd time I saw her I was home alone washin clothes and I heard some1 whistling so I walked out of the washroom an into the living room and called for my uncle but there was no1 there. So when I looked at my front door my dog was just standing there shaking and he ran off down the hallway to my room so I went in to go check on him and he was on top of my bed so I shrugged it off and went bck to the washroom and right before I turn the corner to my washroom there is a mirror and when I looked I saw the little girl again but this time sitting on the floor and she had her head between her knees. Since then I haven't seen her but I feel her or something watching me. I'm terrified to be in my house alone!!!

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