little girl drowns

by harriet field
(chester villiage)

This story happened about 2 years ago me and my boyfriend and his dog fluffy where walking in the park when i saw a light flickering near the lake. I was just about to tell sam when the girl - i'd say about six - fell into the lake. I rushed over to the scene and when I got there no one was in the water. My boyfriend rushed over and asked me what had happend so I told him and when we got home he searched on google little girl aged five drowns in lake in chester village we read. Sam immediantly got on the phone to a hired profesional physcic the physcic came the next day and we told him the whole story and he explained about the lake

a little girl aged five called harper field was playing hide and seek she hid behind a tree where she could see where her family was her older brother Josh and her twin sister Harriet came looking for her. Josh and Harriet came round the tree and Harper ran away turning roung to look where they were she fell straight into the lake . Thinking she had gone back to the camp Josh and Harriet went back aswell just to find she hadint gone back they told there parents and louise and drake phoned the lake police they came and searched the lake an hour later to find Harpers drowned body laid on the sandy rocks underneith the lake she had been there the whole time and if Josh had gone along with diving in after her she would be still here this to day.


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