Little Egypt Cemetery, At 5A Rd and Hawthorn Rd, Bremen, Indiana. 46506

by Steve Odiorne
(Plymouth, IN. 46563)

Contact Marshall county and they will let you in, but only during the week days. And YES, some of the neighbors are a bit crazy. The place has been the site of so much vandalism over the last 8-10 years. I grew up very close to this cemetery and about 40 years ago me and my friends spent many a night in there and around the area. We never damaged anything, just had fun. But the youth of today has no respect for anything. Back to the subject, yes many things did happen while we were at the cemetery. Everything from strange lights on some of the grave stones, orbs that you can see with your eyes. (This was long before digital cameras) people being touched, loud noises very close to you and sometimes in the middle of the group. Dark floating mists. And yes, sometimes a baby crying. I never saw a spirit but a couple of my friends did and they would not go with us when we went back there, or to this day. Another place that you can some nights hear a woman screaming is just to the west in the woods down the road. Don't know any more about her, but really frightening! From all the things that have happened to all of us over the years, we do believe it is haunted. Granted all this happened a long time ago, but if you check it out. I'd love to know what you find. Have a good one! Steve

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