Little Chicago Road, Noblesville, IN - between St Rd 32 & St Rd 38

by Laurie Knight
(Carmel, Indiana)

It was around October of 1989 or 1990. I was coming home from Carmel, Indiana. I had been bowling and it was late, around Midnight. It was very dark and foggy on my way home. When I turned off of St Rd 32 onto Little Chicago Rd, (Noblesville, IN). The fog got so thick I couldn't see anything. I slowed way down trying to stay on the road. Suddenly a yellow lab dog ran in front of my headlights. He was so close I could see his yellow eyes. I slowed even more and wondering where he came from. Then the fog lifted and I could see a man standing on the side of the road ahead of me. He was holding the reins to his horse. He was wearing a cowboy hat & a long duster coat. He looked like an Outlaw from the past. His head turned and followed me as I drove slowly by. His dog ran again in front of my car. I was so shocked & scared to see anyone out there in the fog and with a horse, that I was too scared to stop and ask what the hell he was doing. I thought I needed to get out of there! I proceeded down Little Chicago Rd in the fog when I started hearing the sound of horses hoofs running towards me and then I heard the sound of cowboys yelling and Hooping and Hollering in front of me. It was a gang of cowboys on their horses, about six or seven and they were racing right towards my car. I screamed and thought I was going to hit them, but then they ran right through my car & me. Oh My God! They were Ghost! I stopped the car and just sat there in the middle of the road trying to comprehend what just happened. I could still hear the sound of the horses hoofs fading in the distance.

There is a lot of very old farm houses on this road. I would love to find out the history of who lived there.

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