Little boy below room 567 in Piedmont Hospital

by Milford

I was placed in room 567 and did not like the room at all. It was dark all the time.

There was an iron gate blocking off some stairs that led into the Paediatrics unit.

Around various times of the day, I could hear a little boy crying like it was being treated very badly.

I spoke out one night and the crying stopped.

A few minutes later, I could hear footsteps going up the staircase into my room.

I saw a little boy looking at me over the gate in the middle of the night by the glow of the television set.

The nurses told me that there was no one downstairs, but I heard the noises all the time.

One night a nurse came in to give me a shot and heard the crying from below.

She was the only one in the unit that believed me.

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