Limerick, New York

by Jade Christopher
(Dexter, New York)

My sister and I were playing with our farm toys (we were 9 when this happened) and we heard a bang come from upstairs and we looked at eachother. We were sfraid to check it out so we just kept playing with our toys. It happened again. We finally decided to check it out. It was coming from my mother's room. We slowly opened the door and found her cat's scratching post by the door and it was on the other side of the room. There was also a mini hallway in her room leading to the bed and it was further back from the door than the bed. Lily (her cat) was laying under the bed and she looked pretty petrified.

Another story is I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw this faded white and blue figure in my doorway. It looked at me and ran down the hall. I got up to use the bathroom and the figure was by Lily who was laying on one of the platforms on her cat tree (she had been moved to the hallway). I slowly approached it and the figure was a teenaged boy in a blue hoodie and he was petting Lily. He stared at me as I slowly reached out for Lily. He grabbed my hand tight and then slowly and gently placed it on Lily then he was gone.

Third story is I woke up one really clear and bright (from the full moon) night. I heard barking but the only dog we had was my father's dog Rusty and he was in bed with Daddy. I then saw this ghost dog. He had an indescribable body it wasn't normal in any concept though. He was in front of me then flashed to be down at my feet and then it looked like he bit me but I didn't feel anything then he flashed to be standing right outside my window (I was on the second story of my father's house). Then it flashed and was really small outside in the field behind Daddy's house. Every time he flashed to appear in a different spot he barked and it echoed like we were in an arena. When I got up in the morning my foot hurt and I had bite marks on my foot that he grabbed.

Last story is I was telling my Mommy about my paranormal experiences and she said when we fist got the house and she was looking around she saw this oversized woman standing outside by our baby maple tree and she was cooking on a huge stove. She said that the woman looked at but kept working on whatever she was cooking.

My Daddy's house is over 200 years old and that is where all this happened. My Father refused to believe it but when my mother left him Last January he started experiencing some of the same stuff that we were.

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