Lightning Face

by Brittany
(Bellevue, NE, USA)

A baby face and a woman's face.

A baby face and a woman's face.

So, i'm 17 years old. I took this picture last year in 2010 when i was 16. I stepped out my front door to walk my friend halfway home and it was lightning and thundering outside. So, i thought it would be cool to capture a picture of a thunderbolt. But, when i took the picture as it struck this is what the photo turned out to look like. I took a second look at it before deleting it and noticed the face of a woman in the flash of lighting. I always thought it was pretty cool and weird looking, If you look to the left it looks as if the woman is looking up to the face of a screaming baby. I don't know it's pretty weird. Just thought i'd share this. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.

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