Lemoore- Lemoore High Theater

by Kevin
(Lemoore, CA)

I work backstage and onstage for Lemoore High School's Drama dept.

For among the 2 years I have gained many experiences, but the one that stands out the most to me was during Saturday rehearsals, I was alone in the theatre fixing up a Christmas tree. The stage work lights were on and I was going about my business, suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw something big and dark fall from the balcony accompanied with a loud thump. I immediately look up from my work and go to see what fell. It was dark in the audience so I had turned on the House lights above the audience seats and got to investigate. I find nothing and shake my head thinking it was just my imagination and go back to the stage to finish my Christmas tree. about an hour later, I'm finished with the tree and moving around the set, I hear the squeak of a chair in the audience, I thought it was one of the actors so I paid no mind to it, but then I smelled smoke like from a cigarette or cigar, I'm thinking an actor was smoking in the theater so I turn to yell at them and find no one and the smell of smoke disappeared. In all my time spent in the theater, these have been the oddest occurrences to me.

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