Lehi Cementery Utah

by Cami (Warner) Savage
(Enoch, Utah)

Back in 1993,20 yrs ago three of my friends and myself were driving around Lehi,Utah on a Friday night and one of my friends had mentioned that Lehi cemetery was haunted. i had asked how they knew and what they had seen. They said that you see a ghost with red eyes, known as the red-eye guy. So,I drove to the cemetery and Mike said he wanted out of the truck if we were going into the cemetery, so I let him out and myself and two of my other friends drove in the cemetery. I had my window down so I could hear Mike who was out on the street outside of the cemetery. As we were driving around in the cemetery we all saw the red-eye guy up in tree, once we got closer to the tree he was gone, than he would be in up in another tree. Once we got out of the cemetery Mike had told us that once we got in the cemetery, Mike said that the red-eye guy was underneath my truck, Mike said that no it was my break lights, that the red-eye guy was right under my bumper under my truck. After seeing the red-eye guy there I haven't been back since into that cemetery.

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